claims professionals and risk management consultants


Claims Advocacy

The true test of any risk management plan is how it responds in the unfortunate event of a claim.  We recognize you have invested much capital and trust in an insurance carrier to deliver on their promise to defend and/or indemnify your business in the event of a claim.  If you have ever experienced delayed payments, received a Letter of Declination or Reservation of Rights Notice from an insurance carrier in response to your Notice of Claim, you are very aware of the frustrations in dealing with a carrier during the claim process.  At Delancey Risk Partners, our team of claim and legal professionals are experts in coverage analysis, claim adjudication and litigation management.  Our team will quickly analyze coverage and work as an advocate for our clients in the claims management process. They know how to maneuver through the complicated process to achieve the best outcomes...READ MORE




Risk Management Consultations


Managing the risk associated with the operation of your business is at the core of what we do at Delancey Risk Partners. Many companies may simply transfer their risk to an insurance carrier in exchange for paying the annual insurance premium. The purchase of insurance can be an effective method, but it is not the sole solution for all risks. Once understood, risk can be avoided, reduced, eliminated, or transferred. It is a matter of determining which treatment is the most cost effective and efficient for your business goals and objective...READ MORE