Welcome to Delancey Risk Partners, LLC

Insurance Brokers

We are risk management consultants and independent insurance brokers addressing the global risk exposures of medium and large commercial businesses. We recognize you have worked hard to build and develop your business and you are extremely talented in your chosen occupation but in this extremely litigious environment, a singular event could cause significant loss of your resources, or worse, threaten the viability of your business. No business owner should suffer a large loss of business assets or the loss of a business they have worked hard to build due to an unexpected occurrence.

We are your business partners for managing the risk arising from your business operations. Our team of insurance and legal professionals is proficient in risk management, claim advocacy, loss control techniques and insurance coverage. We have excelled at handling those "what if" scenarios every business owner contemplates that keeps them awake at night and we are proactive in addressing those risk exposures some business owners may have not recognized or considered.

Our objective is to advise you of your risk exposures, provide cost effective options for managing those risk exposures and to lower your Total Cost of Risk which will improve the profitability of your business. We accomplish this by taking the time to immerse ourselves in your business to understand your business operations and your objectives. Together we will identify and analyze the various risk exposures, discuss potential loss control and risk management techniques and implement a risk management program tailored for your business. If we recommend transferring some of the risk exposures to insurance, we have the freedom to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs because we do not work for any insurance carrier, we work for you. This is where our investment of time in learning and understanding your business yields tremendous dividends because our presentation to the insurance underwriters on your behalf has a significant impact on the quality of the carriers' quotes. We focus on strategic components that result in the best presentation of your company to the insurance underwriters. Our skilled negotiators are committed to procuring the best possible insurance quotes and coverage terms for all of our clients.

Many businesses have complex insurance requirements and demanding service needs. This complexity requires individual attention and customization. This is the level of service our clients have grown to expect and deserve from Delancey Risk Partners.